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EU07-424 Locomotive Simulator
by Marcin Wozniak, Maciej Czapkiewicz

A nice 3D Train Simulator

The tracks are really long, maybe unlimited. I played for hours and didn't reach an end, so that's great :)
Don't think it's easy to drive such a loc, nevertheless there is a possibility to use an automatic pilot. But of course it's funnier to try to conduit the train yourself ;)

I don't say I did it right, but at least I could drive. So, to help you I did it as next:
- NumLock must be enabled!
- Press 6 (numpad) = Release loc brake
- Press . (del on numpad) = Quick release, main brake line pressure overload
- Shift+M = Main power on
- d = Reverser on forwards
- + (numpad) = Master controller at first position
When the train starts driving, use numpad + and - to increase/decrease the speed.
Read the readme.txt for the other keys ;)

@ = autopilot (but I didn't find a way to switch it off again)
F10 = Exit simulator

You can run the .BAT files to get other scenarios. Start drezyna.bat if you like to drive a man-car (lorry/trolley). Game Size: 20.2 Mb


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